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Originally published: February 20, 2020


As the sun rises on a new day, you have the choice of playing it safe and just getting by like everyone else or you can jump out of bed and Be Brave enough to Be Bold! ~ It's your time to shine and I think we both know it's time to Stop living in fear, stop running and hiding and stop trying to blend into the crowd. ~ It's time to be Bold, stand up and speak from the heart, act from the soul and do what needs to be done! ~ Nothing you want comes from playing small with your life and I think it's time to step out into the world and show everyone just how amazing and beautiful you truly are. ~ It's time to shine and it's time to blow everyone away with your passion, your ambition and your zest for life! ~ Your benchmark can no longer be what everyone else has, your new benchmark has to be your potential, your dreams and your unique vision! ~ It's time to be brave enough to share your story, your vision and your ideas with the world. ~ Be Bold and let them say what they want to say while you build what you want to build and create your dream in this realm. ~ The world is waiting for you to step up, face your fears, stare down the doubters and non believers and go out there and do what you were born to do! ~ Be unapologetic about your dreams and your ambitions, make no compromises and be prepared to leave them all behind because what you have been called to do is far greater than anything you can ever imagine! ~ Be Bold. And don't you ever apologize for being your true self. Rise or fall, make sure you stay true to your own soul. Not the expectations of others or society! ~ Your time is now! Shine Bright and go out into the world today and do things your way and show the world what's truly possible!!


Let your unique awesomeness and positive energy inspire confidence in others..

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PartyCoachCA3 Host Aquarius/Pisces Bash at Oceans All Weekend

Bacchus! Mardi Gras Party at Tillys Tuesday

House Music DJs Mike Dunn & Gene Hunt at Renaissance Sunday

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