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Are You Ready to TakeFLYt Before NYE?!



Maybe you have been to resorts, but chances are that you have never experienced a resort like this before!

TakeFLYt Social club is proud to present an experience that is two years in the making. For those of you that joined us on our trips, we assure you that this will hands down BE THE BEST! Join us for a four day adventure of lavish misbehavior in youthful bliss that you will never forget.

We've secured an  All-Inclusive resorts in downtown Cancun with stunning views. This beautiful, private oasis features of potential with luxurious bed rooms, master suites, semi private casitas, swimming pools, indoor/outdoor jacuzzis, game rooms, stunning kitchens and so much more.

All rooms are on sale! You must secure a space and sale price with a deposit. $150 deposits are per room (not per occupant of the room).

There are plenty of rooms with varying amenities, capacity and prices to choose from.

Text "Pre NYE 12/7" to 312.774.2464

Fashion, Luxury...YOU

FLY for the Taking!!

TakeFLYt - The Worlds Fashion & Luxury Yearbook

Strictly Sophisticated & Unanimously Upscale! As the Prom King & Queen of this Yearbook, it is extremely detrimental that Style & Grace be your middle name. The Signature fragrance of the Culture will Forever be dress to impress and Attention to Detail! 



Live in the Lap of Luxury! Our breathtaking Scenes & Settings will be a constant reminder of the Life you were meant to Live. Decadent ambiance mixed with Lavish & Pristine views, sets an atmosphere of tranquil Royalty.



The Most important ingredient to this adventure Soufflé. With Your upbeat, fun and intriguing vibe, each and every event and excursion can't help but be all things Awesome! Your smile and laugh is the Fuel that powers this 747 aircraft of Excitement! 

Text "tFLYt" to 312.774.2464

First Love YOU!

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